Jikorox's YouTube photo of many

Jikorox is about level 2,000 on Fantage. She is mostly famous for her YouTube videos. She is mostly seen in White Seal on Fantage (when it is available).

Hall of FameEdit

Jikorox is currently a pro in the Hall of Fame.


Jikorox is most famous for her YouTube account, Juliaroxall . Her most popular video with MORE than 100,000 views is about how to make stars fast, from 2010. She mostly makes Fantage Music Videos (FMV's), song mash-ups, and collaboration (collab.) videos.


Jikorox's blog is Fantage Cats vs. Wolves.  She mostly talks about hr personal life, chat bos guildlines, FAQ's, dares, and her YouTube series, Rise of the Clones.

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