Card Cristina

Cristina792 of November 2013

Cristina792 joined Fantage on March 1, 2010. She is Level 3,386.

Hall of Fame

Cristina792 is 10th Place in the Hall of Fame. She is usually 5th Place to 10th--she has been since 2011.

YouTube and Friends

Cristina792 is the only Top 10 user with a YouTube channel. It is FantageCristina792 . She posts Fantage Music Videos (some are collaborations), account updates, and more.

Cristina792 deserves to be the most famous Top 10 Fantagian. She is usually seen in empty servers chatting with her friends Uptown outside of the Hall of Fame. Her friends are Matthew6747, 75temp, Glittery3, and more.

Her Fantage boyfriend is Drakeryan, who is currently a Fantage Legend in the Hall of Fame. He was featured member back in August 2013.

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